You Had Me at Hello by Mhairi McFarlane - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. “Think of the great duos of history. We're just . You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. What happens when the one that got away. What happens when the one that got away comes back? Find out in this sparkling comedy from bestseller, Mhairi McFarlane.'Think of the great duos of history.

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download or read book online in pdf or epub. [Read Online] You Had Me At Hello | Book by Mhairi McFarlane | Review, Discussion. [Book] Download You Had Me At Hello PDF. By Mhairi McFarlane. You Had Me At Hello you can download free book and read You Had Me At Hello for free. 'With the way things have turned out, you don't have to spoil what you and Ben had. You don't have to slowly go off each other, see the other one get senile and .

Same old. Rhys works in graphic design for a marketing company. He hates it. He hates talking about it even more. He quite likes lurid tales from the front line of reporting on Manchester Crown Court trials, however. And was it? He did kill a bunch of people. Can you put wrong-ass shit in the Manchester Evening News?

Only with asterisks. I denitely had to euphemise the things his family were saying as emotional shouts and cries from the public gallery. The only word about the judge that wasnt swearing was old. Chuckling, Rhys carries his glass to the front room. I follow him. I did some reception research about the music today, I say, sitting down. Mums been on to me fretting that Margaret Drummond at cake clubs nephew had a DJ in a baseball cap who played lewd and cacophonous things about humps and cracks before the ower girls and page boys bedtimes.

Sounds great. Can she get his number?

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Maybe lose the cap though. I thought we could have a live singer. Theres someone at work who hired this Elvis impersonator, Maccleseld Elvis. He sounds brilliant. Rhyss face darkens. I dont want some cheesy old fat fucker in Brylcreem singing Love Me Tender.

I swallow this, even though it doesnt go down easy. Forgive me for trying to make it fun. I thought it might be a laugh, you know, get everyone going. What were you thinking?

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His truculence, and a pointed look, tells me I might be missing something. Unless you want to play? He pretends to consider this. Yeah, spose we could.

Ill ask the lads. Rhyss band. Call them sub-Oasis and hell kill you. There are a lot of parkas and squabbles though. The thing we both know and never say is that he hoped his previous group, back in Shefeld, would take off, while this is a thirty-something hobby. Ive always accepted sharing Rhys with his music. I just didnt expect to have to on my wedding day. You could do the rst half an hour, maybe, and then the DJ can start after that.

Rhys makes a face. Im not getting everyone to rehearse and set up and then play for that long. All right, longer then, but its our wedding, not a gig. I feel the storm clouds brewing and rolling, a thunderclap surely on its way. I know his temper, this type of argument, like the back of my hand.

I dont want a DJ either, he adds. Why not? Theyre always naff. You want to do all the music? Well do iPod compilations, Spotify, whatever. Put them on shufe. I should let this go, try when hes in a better mood, but I dont. Theyre not going to get it if its all fuck-you-I-wont-do-what-you-tell-me and blaring amps. Dancing Queen? No bloody way. Even if your cousin Alan wants to mince around to it. He purses his lips and makes a apping hands at nipple level Orville the Duck gesture that could be considered gratuitously provocative.

Why do you have to behave as if this is such a hassle? I thought you wanted to get married on our terms, in our way. We agreed. Yes, our terms. Not your terms, I say. I want you to have a chance to talk to our friends and family. Its a party, for everyone. My eyes drifted to my engagement ring. Why were we getting married, again? A few months ago, we were tipsy on ouzo digestifs in a Greek restaurant, celebrating Rhys getting a decent bonus at work.

It came up as one of the big things we could spend it on. We liked the idea of a bash, agreed it was probably time. There was no proposal, just Rhys topping up my glass and saying Fuck it, why not, eh? It felt so secure, and right, and obvious a decision in that steamy, noisy dining room, that night.

Watching the belly dancer dragging pensioners up to gyrate alongside her, laughing till our bellies hurt. I loved Rhys, and I suppose in my agreement was an acceptance of: well, who else am I going to marry?

Yes, we lived with a grumbling undercurrent of dissatisfaction.

But like the toad-speckles of mouldy damp in the far corner of the bathroom, it was going to be a lot of upheaval to x, and we never quite got round to it. Though wed waited long enough, Id never really doubted we would formalise things.

While Rhys still had the untamed 8 hair and wore the eternal student uniform of grubby band t-shirts, distressed denim and All Stars, underneath it all, I knew he wanted the piece of paper before the kids. We called both sets of parents when we got home, ostensibly to share our joy, maybe also so we couldnt go back on it when wed sobered up. Not moonlight and sonatas but, as Rhys would say, life isnt. Now I picture this day, supposedly the happiest day of our lives, full of compromises and swallowed irritation and Rhys being clubby and standofsh with his band mates, the way he was when I rst met him, when being in his gang had been all my undeveloped heart muscle desired.

For how long is the band going to be the third person in this relationship? Are you going to be out at rehearsals when Im home with a screaming baby? Rhys pulls the wine glass from his lips.

Wheres that come from? What, Ive got to be a different person, give up something I love, to be good enough for you? I didnt say that.

I just dont think you playing should be getting in the way of us spending time together on our wedding day. Well have a lifetime together afterwards. He says this as if its a sentence in Strangeways, with shower bumming, six a. Pub I take a deep breath, and feel a hard, heavy weight beneath my ribcage, a pain that I could try to dissolve with wine.

It has worked in the past. Im not sure this wedding is a good idea. Its out. The nagging thought has bubbled up right through 9 from subconscious to conscious and has continued onwards, leaving my mouth. Im surprised I dont want to take it back. Rhys shrugs. I said to do a it abroad. You wanted to do it here. No, I mean I dont think getting married at the moment is a good idea. Well, its going to look pretty fucking weird if we call it off.

Thats not a good enough reason to go through with it. Give me a reason. Maybe Im the one sending desperate messages in code. I realise that Ive come to an understanding, woken up, and Rhys isnt hearing the urgency. Ive said the sort of thing we dont say. Refusal to listen isnt enough of a response.

He gives an extravagant sigh, one full of unarticulated exhaustion at the terrible trials of living with me. Youve been spoiling for a ght ever since you got home.

No I havent! And now youre going to sulk to try to force me into agreeing to some DJ wholl play rubbish for you and your divvy friends when youre pissed. Book it, do it all your way, I cant be bothered to argue. Rhys takes a slug of wine, stands up. Im going to get on with dinner, then. Dont you think the fact we cant agree on this might be telling us something?

He sits again, heavily. Oh, Jesus, Rachel, dont try to turn this into a drama, its been a long week. I havent got the energy for a tantrum. Im tired, too, but not from ve days of work. Im tired of 10 the effort of pretending. Were about to spend thousands of pounds on the pretence, in front of all of the people who know us best, and the prospects making me horribly queasy.

The thing is, Rhyss incomprehension is reasonable. His behaviour is business as usual. This is business as usual. Its something in me thats snapped. A piece of my machinery has nally worn out, the way a reliable appliance can keep running and running and then, one day, it doesnt. Its not a good idea for us to get married, full stop, I say. Because Im not sure its even a good idea for us to be together. Were not happy.

Rhys looks slightly stunned. Then his face closes, a mask of deance again. Youre not happy? No, Im not happy. Are you? Rhys squeezes his eyes shut, sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Not at this exact moment, funnily enough. In general? I persist. What is happy, for the purposes of this argument? Prancing through meadows in a stoned haze and see-through blouse, picking daisies?

Then no, Im not. I love you and I thought you loved me enough to make an effort.

But obviously not. There is a middle ground between stoner daisies and constant bickering. Grow up, Rachel. Rhyss stock reaction to any of my doubts has always been this: a gruff grow up, get over it. Everyone else knows this is simply what relationships are and you have unrealistic expectations.

I used to like his certainty. Now Im not so sure. What are you saying?

You want to move out? I dont believe you. Neither do I, after all this time. Its been quite an acceleration, from nought to splitting up in a few minutes. Ive practically got hamster cheeks from the g-force. This could be why its taken us so long to get round to tying the knot. We knew itd bring certain fuzzy things into sharper focus.

You Had Me at Hello by Mhairi McFarlane

Ill start looking for places to rent tomorrow. Is this all its worth, after thirteen years? You wont do what I want for the wedding see ya, bye? Its not really the wedding. Funny how these problems hit you now, when youre not getting your own way. Mhairi McFarlane Publisher: Fiction Other Date: English ISBN This is a light hearted fun read, not too intense yet I was interested in finding out what happened next.

I felt sometimes a little frustrated, sometimes a little excited on behalf of the main character which tells me that I was engaged with the story and enjoying it. The story prompted a little nostalgia for my youth and the days spent in college, too shy and inexperienced to express what I felt at the time. I must admit the story made me more aware of where I am still passive in my life rather than active so that s always a good thing!

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Guess who I saw this week? I put my face in my hands. And so, off comes the engagement ring and on to packing Rachel goes, heartbroken at ending such a comfortable relationship and nervous for her future. But, thank you. And in those chapter you can just feel how connected they were. Rhys whips round, knife dangling in his hand.

I liked her friends, they were a fun bunch, but their get togethers were soooo dragged out. Are you going to try to climb it? Ill ask the lads.

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