Experienced programmers and developers will find this the definitive guide to programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Both a reference book. The release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the next step down that successful road. NAV not only has enhanced business functionality, it completes. and was also a reviewer of the book Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV that Packt offers eBook versions of every book published, with PDF and ePub.

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Module 1 - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment. 1. . Source: Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Simplified UX - Brian Nielsen (Principal Program Manager), March , Microsoft .. Module 4 - Introduction to C/AL Programming. 1. .. PDF. Open and inspect the result file. Validate the font, colour and size. Explain the concept of ERP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV • Describe . User manuals are delivered files together with the product software. They. Experienced programmers and developers will find this the definitive guide to programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Both a reference book and a.

He has experience designing, developing, implementing, and selling in the NAV and SQL Server environments, specializing in retail, manufacturing, job shop, and distribution implementations, mostly in high user-count, high data volume applications. Chris has worked on many NAV implementations with integrations to external databases and third-party add-on products. Some special applications have included high volume order entry, pick-to-light systems, point of sale, procurement analysis, and web front ends.

Chris acts in a consulting and training role for customers and for peer NAV professionals. He provides training both in informal and classroom situations, often developing custom course material to support courses tailored to specific student group needs.

Courses have included various NAV functional and development areas.

Before becoming a certified NAV developer, Chris was a certified environmental consultant. His duties included regulatory reporting, data analysis, project management, and subcontractor oversight in addition to managing projects for hazardous material management and abatement. Sign up to our emails for regular updates, bespoke offers, exclusive discounts and great free content.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Report Printing Oddity (and a Solution!)

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Features Free Trial. Search for eBooks and Videos. Experienced programmers and developers will find this the definitive guide to programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Both a reference book and a comprehensive hands-on tutorial, it will expand your knowledge dynamically. Are you sure you want to claim this product using a token? David A.

Studebaker, Christopher D. Studebaker February Quick links: Finishing the processing code. Validation functions. Date and Time functions. Data conversion and formatting functions. FlowField SumIndexField functions. Input and Output functions.

InterObject communication. Enhancing the WDTU application. NAV process flow. Role Center pages. Develop, Debug, Deliver. Multi-language system. Multi-currency system. Debugging in NAV Other Interfaces.

Client Add-ins. Customizing Help.

NAV development projects — some general guidance. Design for efficiency. Updating and upgrading. Supporting material. Answers to Review Questions. Chapter 2, Tables. Chapter 3, Data Types and Fields.

Chapter 4, Pages — the User's Interactive Interface. Chapter 5, Queries and Reports. Chapter 9, Develop, Debug, Deliver. You've finished your project on Click here to start other projects, or click on the Next Section link below to explore the rest of this title.

download eBook download from Store. English ISBN Don't have a site? Try the site edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. site Edition Verified download. A pretty thorough primer. The usual typos and occasional errata.

But for the most part it is a good tool for the newbie. The latest update to the book on NAV programming David Studebaker wrote the book on two previous versions will get anyone started who wants to learn about programming NAV What I like about it is that both authors actually care a great deal about showing you the ropes, and I think that shows in this book.

This book covers all the concepts that you need to know to become a NAV programmer. The wordiness sometimes gets in the way of getting to the point, so I would give it 4. Other than that, this is THE book for anyone that wants to get into this field, and anyone that wants to have a reference for the new development features in NAV How does the book read?

3. C/AL Coding Guidelines

To be honest, it is quite boring it is a technical book after all So, how do you need to read it? You should be behind your computer with NAV installed preferably with a developer-license and while reading it, you should dirty your hands following the books' hands-on project used to explain the various parts and also doing other experiments as they come to mind.

In short: But don't make the mistake to read the book as I do. You need to dirty your hands while reading it. And also don't think to finish it in a short time even if you read it as I do! You will definitely find something new to learn! Why this rating: I give it 1 star for being written in a concise manner, 1 star for the clear screenshots and 1 star for asking questions and the end of each chapter and having an index some books don't have an index.

In my opinion I cannot call this book 'good' or 'great'. It gets an 'okay' for me. Opinions may vary. This book was mandatory for one of my lectures at university. The problem with this book is - while it's written concisely, I find it does not do such a good job at it see Dislikes. The topics are to the point.

You get a brief introduction and history of the topic in each chapter, although that introduction is not very clear at times. This is mainly the reason why I chose not to like this book: Overly dry, nominative case of writing which gives me a headache with a little bit too much Microsoft jargon and technical terms for my liking - even though I am a developer student myself. I had to read each sentence 10 times over to understand what was actually said. One has to focus and think hard about what is stated in the sentences.This includes the UI, application objects, and basic metadata concepts.

Read more Read less. Chapter 7: Paperback pages.

Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Experienced programmers and developers will find this the definitive guide to programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You need to dirty your hands while reading it. Basic definitions. Maybe, some of it could find its way into the Coding Guidelines. Review questions. site Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

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