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Bertrand Russell-In cautarea fericirii-Humanitas () by Radu - issuu. Report Document as copy-rights infringement · View All Pages For PDF Printing. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , M.-C. Abrudan and others published History, religion, art - an interdisciplinary perspective on Transylvanian . 18 feb. in cautarea fericirii daniel gilbert //in cautarea fericirii daniel gilbert pdf// in cautarea fericirii daniel gilbert online in cautarea fericirii.

At another point, Russell partly blames the growing unhappiness of women on the decline in good domestic service. Yet these bits are easy to ignore and forgive; and much of the book still feels relevant.

Russell is particularly good on envy, competitiveness, and workaholism.

These three—very prevalent here in New York City—are deeply intertwined. They look in the mirror and think about the handsomer fellow on television; they receive their paycheck and think about how much their boss must make. This has been exacerbated by social media, but is, I think, something we all must deal with, especially in a capitalistic society where, ostensibly at least, your social position is determined by your own merit.

Thinking about yourself purely in relation to others leads directly to a certain amount of competitiveness; many people struggle, not to attain something they need, but simply to win a race against their peers. This is the cause of obsessive working. In fact, I recently read a piece by someone who had spent his life in advertising—Lind Redding was his name—who detailed this very phenomenon after he was diagnosed with cancer and started looking back on his working life.

After working furiously for decades, he concluded that, after all, he was only trying to make advertisements, so why on earth had he spent so many stressful hours at the office rather than at home? This has happened to me, though on a much smaller scale, when I have been convinced that what I was working on was terribly important and that the consequences for not doing it perfectly would be disastrous—when, in reality, what I was doing was of no importance and the consequences of doing it imperfectly would be nonexistent.

To return to the book, Russell, with his usually acute mind, tackles this trouble, among others, offering friendly advice on how to avoid it and to maintain a mental balance. His style is neither flashy nor even conspicuous; he uses no tricks, no elaborate metaphors, no high-flown words. Yet every time I read Russell, I find myself filled with envy at his writing ability; I think it's criminal that there should be someone so much better than I am. Now, how do you argue with a person like that?

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