Clicks on links to downloadable files (e.g. PDF, AVI, WMV) can be measured as When you set up an Event to capture clicks on a link, Analytics counts the. Do you need to track downloads, like PDFs, Ebook, or whitepapers on your website? Google Analytics does not track downloads automatically. This tactic was actually shown to me by Jeremiah Smith (my brother) over at SimpleTiger. The need for this came about when one of our.

Google Analytics Pdf Count

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4 days ago By default, Google Analytics doesn't support file downloads tracking. The domain of the PDF link need to be the same as the domain the user. Pairing Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics allows you to measure PDF views as a goal. Learn ways to properly track downloads in Google Analytics. Your link will look something like: pdfs/” Since the visitor took some action on the site, they should not be counted as a bounce anyways, so.

In Google Analytics, events tracking are used to measure user interactions with content like downloads, mobile ad clicks, video plays, etc.

By default, MonsterInsights lets you track downloads of the following file extensions: Step 1: It is a screenshot of real-time Analytics stats, so you can figure out how downloads data are being shown in Google Analytics. There are several important components in every events report whether it be downloads, ad clicks, video play or any other.

How to Track PDF Views in Google Analytics

They are:. You can learn how to identify your high converting landing pages in Google Analytics.

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Your Real Name. Your Email Address. A few benefits of file downloads tracking are: If you are a Google Analytics geek as I am, you are probably tracking those already. But are you sure you are tracking them the proper, easy way?

Also, did you know that some latest Google Tag Manager updates enable you to track all PDF files within your website by using a rather simple procedure? In most cases they are read on the screen, unlike spreadsheets which we open for further calculations in another application, or some files we use for application installation.

I suppose you have your Google Tag Manager installation ready. However, if you are not sure how to do it, please refer to Google Tag Manager Documentation. Google Tag Manager will soon be available in version 2 only, so it's a perfect time to revise these steps and to show you how easy it is to track PDF files as pageviews in Google Tag Manager v2.

The main difference between GTM version 1 and 2 is that in version 2 you don't need to activate Link Click Listeners any more Step 1 , since they are now a part of basic 'Variables' used to be called 'Macros' , but we still need to activate them.

This way we enabled the pre-built variable that captures our visitors' clicks URL. It looks like this: Step 2: One simple trigger If we want to include clicks to PDF files only, we should set up some rules, which are now called 'Triggers'.

Here we'll choose a type of event — 'Click', because we want this trigger to activate upon somebody clicking onto some webpage element. Then we configure the trigger type — 'Link Click', because we don't want to capture all clicks but just clicks on links. If you wish, you can also select 'Wait for Tags' and 'Check Validation', although that is not necessary with this trigger.

If you select either of those options, you should also tell this trigger which pages should it be active on, by putting 'Page URL matches RegEx. That should look like this: Now save your trigger and go to the next step.

Additional kinds of measurement

Step 3: Virtual pageview Remember how we said at the beginning that we will use virtual Pageviews for PDF downloads and not events? OK, let's configure a new Tag that will send some virtual Pageview information to Google Analytics, but only when we click to PDF document anywhere within your website.

Here we should put the PDF document file name to be shown together with all other Pageviews in your Google Analytics reports. Under 'Fire On' choose 'Click' and in the popup window put a checkmark by the rule we created before: 'PDF links only'. We have a Pageview tag that will send its information to Google Analytics only when a user clicks on a PDF document anywhere on our website!

Step 2: One simple trigger

Isn't that great? Plus, once you edit all website codes, someone will probably add another PDF in a day or two without telling you that, and you will have incomplete data!The MonsterInsights interface allows you to track file downloads automatically. Leave a comment below with method you use for track downloads.

You can save your time and money by only producing the downloads your audience actually wants. If you do, you probably want to track how often your visitors download this content. Currently the oldest but hardly the most serious member of the team.

Additional kinds of measurement

This is not the actual code for this operation. Let us know, which one of these tacking techniques works best for you? This is not the actual code for this operation.

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