Savage Worlds - Solomon Kane - Adventure, , KB. file, Savage Worlds - Solomon Kane - Ally, , . All player characters in The Solomon Kane. RPG are humans. In the Savage Worlds game system used in this book, humans start with one free Edge (see page. A Landless Man. A Wanderer. A Puritan. Solomon Kane is many things, but above all, he is a hero. In a time of savagery and horror, he wanders the darkest.

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Solomon Kane: The Path of Kane - Cut a righteous path in a world of evil! DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. Solomon Kane: Savage Foes of Solomon Kane - The Pilgrim's Path is DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. Read through the The Path of Kane page to understand the Solomon Kane setting basics and how your character came to be a Wanderer and what that means.

Is there a lot of bean counting involved, lots of rules to keep track of?

Also, I'd like to know from people who really don't like the system what their gripes are with it. We don't use minis, only the occasional marker to indicate relative positions in a location.

Originally Posted by Spinachcat Do you like big battles being featured regularly with lots of enemies and allies on the table? If combat situations involving lots of combatants play out sufficiently smoothly, I'd certainly make use of that. What exactly makes big battles so easy to run with SW?

The Savage World of Solomon Kane

Originally Posted by Spinachcat Are you cool with the game working better at low levels than high level play? This seems contradictory with claims that SW is suitable for pulp or even supers.

Could you elaborate a bit on this? Originally Posted by Tommy Brownell I'm a huge Savage Worlds guy, having used it to run fantasy, supers, two Deadlands campaigns and Solomon Kane.

I wanted pirates to fight zombies; musketeers to face off against Deep Ones! I wanted conquistadors to face serpent cultists in blood-soaked temples!

For a low budget, low profile movie this was surprisingly good.

James Purefoy was well-cast in the lead role. I tried "Witchfinder General" - reviewed here - but was dissatisfied with the narrow scope and limited bestiary. Based on the Weird West miniatures skirmish game " Great Rail Wars" it was fast playing - far smoother than the usual gluggy RPG combat and able to handle dozens of minis on each side quickly and easily.

Note: Ordering direct from the Pinnacle website is far more expensive than simply siteing it from a retailer: their postage is ridiculous The glossy hardback is a beautiful book. I nursed it, crooning softly, all the way back from the Post Office.

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Surprisingly slim and handy for its whopping pages. Since the "Savage Worlds" engine has won major industry awards we can assume it works quite well in its intended RPG role. The Shiny It is very, very shiny.

Possibly one of the nicest rulebooks I own. Plus I'm a sucker for embossed covers. A beautiful book, weighing in at a hefty pages. My main criticism is it not that easy to use from a gamer's perspective.

It has a thorough table of contents but I feel the book itself could have been laid out better. I would have assumed the section on "Damage" would have been right alongside the "Combat" section; not separated by a dozen pages on other topics.

There is a bit of waffle and they are not as focussed and logically set out as a true wargame would be, as they can use the 'refer to GM' cop-out if rules are not clear.

That said, they do include a solid quick reference section at the back of the book and at the end of key chapters, and the core rules are only 30 pages. But the other pages are well worth inclusion.

The ones in bold are very relevant for combat and the italicised ones can be largely ignored. So a similar amount of stats 4 to 6 to a Warhammer game. Each stat is represented by a die. Higher dice show a better level of skill. There is a list of traits and skills summarised well in a quick reference page which I ironically found less complex than Malifaux or Warmachine "special abilities".

There is a comprehensive list of arms and equipment - once again there is a quick-reference page which makes it easy and logical to use. The weapons list includes everything from Nzappa Zaps, daos and blowpipes to harpoons, halberds, rapiers and matchlock muskets.

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Even better, the free Savage Worlds Showdown which shares the same combat rules has a free Excel unit builder see the link above to access it. Swashbucklers vs demonspawn. Pirates against mutants. Solomon Kane is cool.

Game Rules The "Savage Worlds" combat engine is showcased in the free download linked above. The rules themselves are only 30 pages long and very straightforward.

Heroes have extra rules to stock troops - namely 2 extra 'wounds' and the ability to throw a "Wild Die" - an extra d6 thrown alongside its normal dice. The Wild Dice can be chosen instead of the normal roll if it is better; allowing heroes a more consistent chance of success. They also have the rather idiotically named "Bennies" - tokens that when spent allow a re-roll of any die test.

Characters and groups of minions are each dealt a card from a normal deck and then take their actions in order of card rank. Jokers allow you to act at any time and give bonuses to action rolls. Units that are ambushed are not dealt a card that round. You can "hold" your action to activate later "overwatch" Characters can move their "pace" for free but to run, shoot or melee will cost them their action.

List of Savage Worlds books

You can make several actions if you are a hero but two actions would be at -2 to both, 3 actions would be at -4 to both, and so on.

Most rolls need to pass a target number TN of 4 to succeed, or beat an opponent if opposed. The TN can be modified by range, difficulty etc, usually in -2 increments. If an attack succeeds and beats an opponent's Parry, damage is inflicted by adding the weapon die to your strength. If you beat your opponent's toughness he is "shaken" - he moves at half speed and must make a "Spirit" test or forfeit his next action.

A single wound kills non-heroes outright but heroes can absorb 3 wounds and can even recover when incapacitated.Recent History. Experience and Rank. In such campaigns, a series of loosely defined adventure scenarios are presented.

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The fact these are actually RPG rules allows very atmospheric and involved skirmish adventures and campaigns to be run. Cypher System. Archived from the original pdf on Edges and Hindrances, unlike Traits, are not rated with dice.

Deadlands Reloaded, a version of the classic Pinnacle game using the Savage Worlds rules, was released in May Swashbucklers vs demonspawn. If you just manage to "inflict" a shaken on the enemy, that might have vanished before you may fire again.

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