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Cannankara Velayudhan Raman Pillai (nohalicanka.tk Pillai) (19 May - 21 March ) was one of the great Indian novelists and playwrights and pioneering. ധര്‍മരാജ | Dharmaraja book. Read 4 reviews from the Dharmaraja - The story follows the novel with the return of Th Shelves: malayalam, mystery-hook. Dharmaraja, written by the renowned Malayalam novelist C.V. Raman Pillai, C.V. Raman Pillai ( ) was a pioneer of Malayalam novel and drama.

The book is inspired from real story of the king, Marthandavarma. A story-plot that is to novwl narrated in a book with double size of the present book size is arranged in Marthandavarma. The novel has been translated into English marthanda varma novel, Tamiland Hindiand has also been abridged and adapted in a number of formats, including theater, radio, television, and comic book.

Raman Pillai ] in Malayalam. Balakrishnan Nair notes that the release of novel was celebrated like a literary festival at Trivandrum. This was the first historical novel in Malayalam and perhaps the first to speak out indirectly about the intrusion of foreigners into India and Kerala. IEEE A Study of life and times of Marthanda Varma.

Channars — People of Channar clan who assembles after the slaughter of 50 Channars by the men of Thambi. Hakkim with his excellence in treatment is considered as an marthanda varma novel of Vagbhata by them.

The other two are Dharmaraja and Marthanda varma novel Bahadur in two parts Archived from the original on In an overall view, it should be called a text of marthanda varma novel than a novel.

Four of them including Krishna Kurup head to Thiruvananthapuram to lead the forces from Mangoikkal as a support to Marthanada Varma.

Unnamed People — The miserly people who are happy due to the probable savings going to happen with non-celebration of Marthqnda and Onam. The remaining 12 lancers of Velu Kurup are included. He is generous towards the conspirators and shows unwillingness to take strict action against them as suggested by Ramayyan.

Ramanamadathil intervenes and says that they will go to Chembakassery and be prosecuted by Thirumikhathu Pilla. The Channan agrees on the condition that he be allowed to keep his weapons.

Subhadra's servants return with the items from Anantham's house. Subhadra sends two of her servants to learn the whereabouts of Shankarachar. After a few hours the servants return with news of the deaths that occurred that night.

Mangoikkal and the Channan are moved to Chembakassery and are watched over by palace guards who are loyal to Thambi. Sundarayyan and others spread the lie that prince Marthanda Varma tried to assassinate Ramanamadathil and is responsible for the night's murders. Anantham tells Subhadra about the theft at her house. Saddened, Subhadra gets some relief when her servant returns from Pathan camp with medicine for Parukutty. He also tells her that one of the men at the camp resembles her ex-spouse.

Pappu announces Subhadra's death at Thambi's house but one of Thambi's servants brings news of the theft at Sundarayyan's house and Sundarayyan learns from his wife that Subhadra still lives. An angry mob of citizens rushes the palace, but are turned back by the ailing king who signals them to leave.

Ramanamadathil arrives at Thambi's house to tell about the revolt at the palace and praises the actions of Sundarayyan. After Rama Varma's funeral, Marthanda Varma manages to send the required payment to the forces from Madurai.

Subhadra reaches Chembakassery with medicine for Parukutty, who immediately begins to recover from her illness. Subhadra stays at Chembakassery for the next five days. The prince discovers that the men sent from Kilimanoor , led by Narayanayyan, have been defeated by Kazhakkoottathu Pilla and his men. He fires the palace guards who are working for Thambi. At Chembakassery, Subhadra explains that one of the men in detention is a mad man and should be released.

Subhadra returns home after learning of the council being held at her house by Thambi and team. Parukutty gets the caretaker to release the two men from detention. She and her mother take the keys down to the dungeon.


Upon release, the mad Channan tries to conceal his true identity by running ahead. He is followed by Mangoikkal. Parukutty sees his resembles to her missing lover and realizes that he is the one who fought off Thambi the night he tried to attain her. Ettuveettil Pillas, the Thambi brothers and Sundarayyan decide to assassinate the prince at the palace that night.

Mangoikkal's nephews arrive at the palace to support the prince. He tells them to come in the morning and coordinate with Ramayyan. Later, the prince is awakened from his sleep by Subhadra's arrival in his room. She tells him his life is in danger. He must leave the palace at once and move his nephew and aunt to a safe place. The prince follows her after remembering that she was the one who helped him another night. Kudamon Pilla, Padmanabhan Thambi and company enter the palace to assassinate the prince but find no one.

Subhadra sends her servant in another direction and then heads to her house with Marthanada Varma, Parameswaran and Ramayyan who are disguised as menials. They are spotted by Raman Thambi and his team on the way, but she and the trio evade him due to her quick thinking. The trio hide near a banyan tree while Subhadra fetches five men, dressed as porters, from her home and rejoins them. She instructs them to cross Venganoor. They are about to leave when Thirumukhathu Pilla arrives and recognizes the prince.

He asks Subhadra why she is helping the one who killed her brother, Ananthapadmanabhan. She assures him that her brother is not dead. Thirumukhathu reveals that he is her father.

Subhadra says that her brother will be at Pathan camp.

Subhadra goes home and the others head east as Thirumukhathu knows that Aruveettukar are waiting near the west banks of the river, Karamana. Unable to find the prince, Thambi and the Ettuveettil Pillas lead their forces to Manakkadu, to attack Magaoikkal's fighters.

Tipped off by Subhadra, Mangoikkal's fighters are able to put up a stiff resistance despite being outnumbered. Pathan fighters led by Shamsudeen and Beeram Khan arrive and assist against Thambi's forces. Shamsudeen fights Thambi while Beeram Khan fights Sundarayyan who he has a personal grudge against for causing his separation from, his then-spouse, Subhadra.

Sundarayyan brings down Beeram Khan's horse, trapping the latter under the horse. Sundarayyan advances towards him but Beeram Khan springs out from under the body, kills his opponent and leaves the battlefield at once.

Shamsudeen shoots Thambi in the hand as he is about to kill Nuradeen. The Thambi brothers and the Ettuveettil Pillas are arrested. The next day, the prince conducts post funerary rituals for the king. He brings back his nephew, the little prince, and aunt, who were safeguarded by Keralavarma Koithampuran at Chembakassery.

There, a joyful Parakutty awaits her lover Ananthapadmanabhan's return from the Pathan camp. A few days later, Marthanda Varma ascends the throne at Pathan camp. It is revealed that Ananthapadmanabhan was attacked two years ago by Velu Kuruppu at Panchavan forest when he was on his way to aid the prince. He was rescued by the Pathan people.


The king orders Ananthapadmanabhan to move Subhadra from her house to safeguard her from Kudamon Pilla, who the king has just released. Subhadra is at her house and sad due to the revelation about her ex-spouse. Kudamon Pilla arrives, catches her by the hair and is about to plunge his sword but Beeram Khan rushes in crying not to kill her. On hearing the voice of her ex-spouse and seeing him longing for her, she thanks god that she can even die.

The sword falls on her neck. Before Kudamon Pilla can slay Beeram Khan, he is cut into two by Ananthapadmanabhan who has just arrived.

On hearing the news, Marthanda Varma swears under his breath that he will seek vengeance on those responsible for the un-warranted deed of blood. Three years later, Mangoikkal's house has been rebuilt. Ananthapadmanabhan heads Marthanda Varma's forces in battles with Desinganadu and other kingdoms.

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He stays at Chembakassery with his family. Marthanda Varma earns fame as a protector of the people as well as a servant to Sreepadmanabha deity. The people celebrate. Characters Development Background and composition C. Thanu Pillai, then the Tahsildar at Agastheeswaram , and became acquainted with the regional legends that he later incorporated in his novels.

However, Ms. Thazhamadathu Janaki Amma, a neighbor, actually transcribed more for the author than either of them. Chandumenon swayed C. Raman Pillai to complete his novel Marthandavarma.

Balakrishnan Nair states an account of challenge raised by some Malabarians that whether there were any men in Travancore who could create a literary work as Indulekha, to which C.

Raman Pillai reciprocated that he will prove it as affirmative. Parameswaran Nair, for almost two months from then, author was involved in the scripting of Marthandavarma. Raman Pillai, while involved in the discussions of memorandum, mentioned to G. Parameswaran Pillai that with the publication of his novel, Marthandavarma, people would be proud about their early history.

Eventually he was not interested to pass the law examinations, as his main intention was to complete Marthandavarma novel and ready the manuscript for printing.

Raman Pillai left for Trivandrum after he was entrusted to translate the memorandum to Malayalam. Raman Pillai sent the completed chapters to his friend N. Raman Pillai at Madras, who in turn edited and contributed to the manuscript. Kesava Pillai. Parameswaran Nair, consensus is the novel was developed during , though he claimed that the author wrote it between and , which contradicts his own statement that C.

Raman Pillai thought about writing a novel only at the age of twenty-eight years, which is around Venugopalan affirms that there is an earlier version of the novel, and that N.

Raman Pillai listened to a reading of an early draft while at Madras. Parameswaran Nair with his own quotes from the words of C. Raman Pillai, which state that the author envisioned the character of Subhadra through his wife, Bhageeridhi Amma, whom he married only in November Prameswaran Pilla, quoted the author as saying that he started writing Marthandavarma while staying in Madras.

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Balakrishanan Nair notes that, Pillai made several visits to Madras with the particulars from N. Raman Pillai's home, while G. Parameswaran Pillai and the latter were in Madras.

Parameswaran Nair about the existence of such a letter, who said that he had lost it. The claim of P. Parameswaran Nair and those who supported the same were concluded as attempts of fans of C.

Raman Pillai, whom they wanted to cast as the first novelist of Malayalam literature , and George Irumbayam remarked that the fans went to the extent of not believing the words of the writer in the deliberation of their attempt.

Parameswaran Nair states that the proceedings with printers at Madras were initiated after the completion of novel writing, which contradicts his own statement about the completion of printing till pages while quoting a letter from N. Raman Pillai, whose words indicate that the scripting was in progress.

Parameswaran Pilla notes that the printing of the novel was started after the completion of third chapter. Product details File Size: Unlimited Publication Date: November 28, Sold by: Malayalam ASIN: BTH Word Wise: Not Enabled Lending: Enabled Screen Reader: Supported Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled site Best Sellers Rank: Share your thoughts with other customers.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. This is a feedback for the print. The print is so bad that I cannot read a single word of the book. It is clear that there was no proofing done even on a single print. What a shoddy job! See the review.DD Thiruvananthapuram. Raman Pillai in his literary works, four novels and nine farces, which include Marthandavarma.

As the prince and Mangoikkal arrange for additional forces, Velu Kuruppu and his men launch an attack on Mangoikkal. The yesteryear politics of Venad is presented thru the council of Ettuveettil Pillas, the subsequent claim of throne for Padmanabhan Thambi, the coup attempt, the patriotic conduct of Subhadra, and finally to her tragedy following the suppression of revolt.

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